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Winter Seed Swap (by mail)

14 years ago

We have discussed this on a couple of other threads but I thought I would start it here to make sure everyone saw it. It appears that everyone is still interested in getting together for swapping plants and a luncheon "pig out" party in the park in the spring so I don't think we should change that activity.

I have noted that quite a few people have swapped seeds by mail in the time I have been reading this forum. Does anyone have interest in a seed swap (by mail) this winter? I would be willing to host the swap and we could set some rules before we start. The cheapest way to do it is to send everything to one person in a bubble mailer with a address label and enough stamps to have it returned to you. There are other things to consider:

(1)Do we want it to be only veggies, or both veggies and flowers?

(2)When do we want to do it? I am thinking that seed savers should have their seeds dried and packaged by November. Or, as in my case, bought by then, or sorted and packaged from previous buys. I think we would need to know what we could trade for before we buy our spring seeds.

(3)How many packs do we want to trade?

(4) How big should a pack be? Think of a size you would be happy to receive, maybe 10-12 tomato, pepper or melon seeds, but 30-40 beans, etc.

(5)Do we want to post "wish lists" or just take our chances.

(6)Are there any seeds that we should requests NOT be sent?

This is not the sign-up thread, but is just a discussion thread to see if there is interest.

The small bubble mailer is supposed to travel at "large envelope rate" and at last years rates that was $.82, but I noticed a lot of PO's were charging for it as a parcel post which made it run about $1.14, just to give you an idea of cost. I know there has been a rate increase so you can figure a little more. If we send it all to one person, then divide and return, you will only be paying postage twice. If we mail direct then someone may get left out and the postage might be a significant cost.

If someone has extra seeds that they want to include, then we would take them and split them between packages, but everyone should "send" at least the number of packs we decide on.

Any other ideas or discussion?

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