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SE Florida Bhut Jolokia, Caribbean Red, Aji Limon

12 years ago

Hello to the forum !!

Sitting here sniffling and tearing since I'm eating pizza with some of last years dried ghosts and caribbean reds..

I'm in south Florida where we have been experiencing an unusually cold (long) winter. I have been growing peppers for about 12 years with average success and thought I would share this year's plan..

I germinated some seeds (Bhut Jolokia, Caribbean Red, Aji Limon) in mid January inside the house mostly on a heat mat in jiffy peat pellets, followed by flourescent and or HPS grow light. The seeds were purchased fro NMSU Chili Institute and the germination rate and speed were fantastic. Initially I expected to have these guys in the ground by now since my one and only Ghost plant took forever to set fruit last year and was alot of work due to extremely high temps in the Florida summer (not to mention the ever pesky whitefies and or horn worms). Mother nature has other ideas for me this year though,,,

Last year's Bhut Jolokia seeds were purchased elsewhere and did not germinate well and I only managed to nurture one to maturity and fruit...the effort was worth it since these bad boys were brutal!!! Although the fruit was terribly undersized, it still packed a punch that would knock most off of their feet.........and so the the obsessive compulsive side of my personality rears it's ugly head again.... I must grow these peppers and grow them successfully!!!!

The Bhuts and Reds appear to be doing well and have now been on the patio in the elements since 3/14/2010 experiencing lots of wind, chilly weather and some drizzly rain....Their feet are wet and chilly and they are itching to move out of their studio apartments and into a real home...

The Limons (Probably one of my favorites) are not doing as well, but I'm gonna put them in their new home soon too and they'll fix themselves as they tend to "really take off" at some point, and then produce huge yields...

I'm going to attempt to attach some links now sow you can see them...hopefully this works...

Happy Chili growing!!!!



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