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Hot pepper raised beds?

11 years ago

At some point I'll need to move my seedlings outside. I have a fairly small garden, and figured I'd go for a raised bed. As far as I understand, peppers can be planted 12 inches apart in rows 10 inches apart as long as the rows are offset. This means I can house my 50 plants in a reasonable amount of space.

Question now is: What do I fill these with? I don't have my own compost, but I can buy it relatively cheap. I guess that will be the bulk of it? Do I need to add anything to improve drainage? Any powdered nutrients etc go into this? Please be gentle, I know next to nothing about gardening. I'm getting the impression that vermiculite and perlite is used - I think those are not easily accessible where I live.

Any help appreciated!

Bonus question: Is one foot deep enough for the peppers? I'm planning to dumpt the raised beds on top of my lawn. 1 foot is low enough to save me the work of digging up the lawn.

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