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problem with camellia (photo #2)

I don't know if it's possible to post more than one photo per message (is there? if so, could someone please let me know how to do it? I posted this once already, but wanted to add another closeup photo;

Last November we planted 3 "Northern Exposure" camellias (camellia sasanqua). It was a nasty winter, but they seemed to come through it well enough (after I sprayed them with LIquid Fence to stop the deer munching), and I fertilized with Holly Tone in early April.

One shrub, in the same area as the other two, does not look like it is doing well. The lower branches are bare, and there are leaves dying on a few branches. It is well watered, and I don't see signs of insects, so does anyone have any suggestions what might be the problem? These plants are new to me, having recently moved here from further north (a year ago, I didn't even know what a camellia was! And now they are one of my favorites, but I do need a couple of spring-flowering ones...)

Thank you!

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