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Indoor Potted Palm - what's the best soil for potted palms

14 years ago

I read that potted palms need the same type soil as citrus trees, and that mushroom humus works fine as a substitute.

Is that true? They need special soil?

I bought some Hyponex potting soil for my other plants.

Can I use that or do I need to mix in other materials?

The last palm I had lived four years and grew very well - had shiny, healthy fronds - very lovely. Every year in early summer I would set it out in the garden with my Elephant ears. It was gorgeous. In the fourth year it died quite suddenly in late summer.

What kind of soil should I use when repotting my new palm?

When I repot it, do I need to loosen the root ball or just set it in the new pot and fill around it?

How deep?

Does it need any top dressing or mulch of some kind?

If so, what is the best kind to use?

Would appreciate any knowledgeable advice.


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