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Why aren't my cabbage palm seedlings growing

13 years ago

Last winter I swiped a bunch of seeds off of a cabbage palm in Florida. I figured what the heck they are free. I cleaned them off and put them in jiffy pellets in chinese food containers in my heated cupboard (95 F).

I was quite surprised that about 40 out of 70 actually germinated, with about 35 progressing to an actual plant.

They quickly grew a single bladed leaf about 7 inches tall, but fairly soon slowed dramatically. I transplanted the pellets into Miracle grow soil in 1 gallon pots. They have only grown about 3 inches in the last few months, in spite of being outside in partial sun in nice zone 8A heat and not being allowed to dry out. I fertilized with a bit of slow release 10-10-10 a while back. Most of them have produced a second (or even a third) single-bladed leaf but are just growing SO slowly.

Am I doing something wrong? They should be growing faster than 1 inch a month when they are basically just a blade of grass, right?

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