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2 1/2 years been waiting to say this..with excitement

14 years ago


I have been waiting 2 1/2 years to say this..with so much excitement.. I have inflos coming YAYYY, a first for me to announce.

I have a old plant given to me last year, 7 yrs. or more older..was in mud, about 5 ' tall, huge gnarled 1/2" or larger roots in a huge ball should have went into the ground, but kept it, transplanted back into its container..had reasons. Put on some leaves in spring one cascade inflos..not sure what it was, maybe heidi or ?, smaller than celadine, stronger sweeter smell just a few leaves. Fall was being rained on dormant, freezing, dying. Dug a massive hole, took it out of its container and just put it into the ground. Has 12 tips/branches..6 have massive inflos! wow..other tips have not opened yet, how many more? no leaves..Don't know what it is, is perfect cupped upright plant..don't know what plant does this with mulitple inflos??? Cannot wait for leaves and to see how many more inflos this plant grows. Maybe can identify.

Also..excited. my three to 4 yr old plants, have never seen them bloom have leaves yet..Aztec gold has a tall inflo growing strong; Daisy Wilcox showing a huge pink hard knot in the center, growing harder and taller; Playful starting a inflo; Pacific pearl a small inflo, bloomed two years ago; a mystery plant given to me said yellow..will hoping for puu Kahiea to bloom and plastic pink, still in tight dormacy. I have 12 possible plants that can bloom for the first time!.. am so excited. will show pictures when they get leaves and more alive. YAYYYY I have several 2 yr old cuttings that grew, bloomed, hope will bloom again like Nepals Rainbow..hope for a couple white. Hope for 2 yr old plants to bloom, may just grow. I just have not had a lot of flowers, or a lot of plants, this is so exciting.

This is the first time I have 3 sets of plants to watch in age.cuttings, 2 yr plants and older.

.I was always so jealous of those who had flowers, I had small plants and I had cuttings to learn to grow..but shows with patience, listen to the experts.... I didn't have many flowers, am a mother hen, accused of that.. ha you can learn how to grow plumies and cuttings from the help on this board..I am still learning

Karen B

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