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Deer have stripped every leaf from sweet potato vines

13 years ago

First year to try sweet potatoes and they were looking great, starting to bloom and I've sacrificed lots of space in my small garden just to taste a freshly dug potato. The deer have eaten every leaf on all the vines. I put a radio in the patch, guess that just provided mood music for a lovely evening meal!

Should I just pull the vines and use the space for fall beans or irish potatoes?

This has been an absolute depressing gardening year for me. The tomatoes developed a foliage disease, also suffered gunshot damage, then they were swarmed by spider mites and little green worms. Now the deer have left stripping my apple and pear trees and started on the garden. They even tested a few okra leaves.

Where's a wildlife pest control officer when you need one? By the way, one lives next door to me. He did rid my pond of a beaver.

Should I just give up on them this year?


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