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Bacterial Leaf Spot Questions (Tomatoes)

13 years ago

Hi all, Newbie here.

This is my first year doing raised bed gardening. I just discovered in the last week, the start of Bacterial Leaf Spot on three of my plants. I went ahead and removed them because all three had several leaves infected.

I have since purchased Neem and Copper Sulfate spray and have noticed three other plants with a singular spotted leaf on them (they were next to the infected plants I took out). I pinched off those leaves of course, and am treating with Neem oil in the water, watering at the roots only, keeping leaves dry, and will be treating the leaves with Copper Sulfate.

Here are my two questions:

1. Can I reuse the soil for anything next year, or should I just dump it at a local Landfill?

2. If I finish out the Season and "keep at bay" the BLS, will my fruit on the other plants I discovered (with 1 leaf each, barely beginning stage of BLS) have spotted fruit?

Any advice would be appreciated and thank you!


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