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When to expect Plumeria flowering

15 years ago

I have three Plumeria plants I purchased as foot long cuttings three years ago from a flower show. When I purchased them they came with Flower Magic 9-18-9 fertilizer which I used maybe twice. I have been watering them with well water. The second year I had the plants there was maybe an inch of growth with very full green leaves but no flowering. In Spring 2007 I re potted them each in much larger pots after some research on pot size and soil type. Hoping they would bloom after the re potting I was disappointed. The leaves were much fuller and greener and I had stem growth of a foot on each branch. The trunks also thicken up a bit. The plumerias are now just breaking dormancy with a few 2-3 in leaves on each branch. I found the original fertilizer and watered them well with the fertilizer and misted the leaves with the fertilizer. Is there any chance that I might finally get some flowers this year? What can I do to ensure that I will get flowers? I forgot to mention that I house my plants indoors in the winter and outside during the summer. Thanks!

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