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Tomato report... and a question

9 years ago

I am excited to report that I am finally harvesting some tomatoes! Nothing on the scale others here have posted, but not bad for my little 12' by 16' raised bed garden with ten tomato plants, and certainly MUCH better than I have harvested in the past. I am not sure if it is the sulfur and fine pine I worked into my soil this year after a soil test indicated a ph of 7.4, or the cooler, moister spring/early summer we have had, or the new varieties I have tried this year, or a combination of these things, but something is working!

I am thrilled with most of the new tomato varieties I tried this year (thanks to all of the great recommendations here :)

Principe Borghese was new for me and am I ever glad I tried it - what a perfect variety for my little garden! The plants stay small and produce an impressive amount of tomatoes. They started earlier than the other paste/sauce types (even though the DTM is supposed to be the same as Heidi and Viva Italia?) and just keep cranking out those lovely, meaty little tomatoes. I also planted Heidi and Viva Italia and some of the plants seem more compact than others and all are very productive. And the surprising thing is, the smaller plants don't seem to be producing any fewer tomatoes. (Sigh... I got the seedlings mixed up somehow while planting so I don't know which is Heidi and which is Viva Italia :(

I also tried Cherry Falls and Tiny Tim in containers, but neither one did well at all. I think it has something to do with my containers or the location rather than the varieties so I will try these again, maybe in the raised beds.

Of course I am also growing Sun Gold and Black Cherry again as they are favorites from prior years. They never disappoint in terms of flavor or productivity and seem to keep producing even when it gets hot.

I think next year I will stick with the same varieties and focus on growing more of each one. The only new one I am tempted to try is Cherokee Purple since I tasted some at the Farmer's Market (delicious!)

Now for the question: Can you tell Heidi and Viva Italia apart? (Note to self - Use a marker for EVERY seedling next year!) All of my tomato plants are now producing fruit. Is there any way to tell the two varieties apart by the tomatoes, leaves, size of the plant... anything? I'd really like to know which is which because I really prefer the more compact plants in my little raised bed garden. I'd also like to know which is which so I can monitor how each type handles the heat and drought as we go through the summer.

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer this bumbling gardener lol...


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