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Fungus Gnat Eggs

12 years ago

Hi All --

I'm a new gardener with two 3' x 8' raised beds (18" deep, built on concrete). I'm growing a variety of vegetables, the vast majority of which have begun to sprout over the past week or so.

We've gotten a LOT of rain over the past 3 days and, as I was tending the beds this morning, I was finding oodles of eggs. Some I've identified as future red worms, which makes sense because I dumped a load of compost out there last weekend (we vermicompost). But in addition to the very small reddish-brown, teardrop-shaped worm eggs, there are also tons of larger, yellowish round eggs that I feel relatively certain are fungus gnats. (They look just like these:

I'm worried about the gnat larvae getting to my vulnerable little plants once the eggs hatch and would like to nip this in the bud, so to speak. I've found methods for getting rid of the larvae and the adults but I haven't been able to find a solution for removing the eggs. It seems crazy to pick them all out individually (though that's my plan if there isn't a more efficient solution).

Thanks for your help!

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