Fox Tail Palm Problem

14 years ago

I bought a Foxtail Palm (about 8 foot tall) 2 years ago at a local homedepot. I planted the palm and it lost all leaves and the remaining spear looked dried out. I suspected a cold damage, because there was a light freeze right after I planted the palm, and I did not protected it properly by mistake. Finally, I removed the palm after 11 months, but I was surprised that the roots were looking strong. I may made a mistake.

I received a replacement Foxtail then (8 months ago) and planted it at the same spot. Now, the same thing is happening. The palm is slowly loosing its leaves and the spear is not visibly growing (maybe 2 inches in the last 6 Months). Does someone know if Foxtail Palms in general need a long time to recover from replanting? Or what can be the problem. Cold damage is definitively not the problem here. Also water and fertilization should not be an issue.

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