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Intact grasshopper corpses

11 years ago

Okay, the zombie wasps don't get credit for the massive grasshopper graveyard that is my backyard. I know this because I've never seen one with its brains scooped out.

However, I was wondering why I was not having a major issue with grasshoppers like everyone else seems to be having. I don't spray anything at all, not even Neem oil, though that is more because it stinks so much than because I have any qualms against causing the painful deaths of my fellow vegan (insects).

Then I noticed a grasshopper on one of my castor bean plants. I thought back and realized I hadn't needed to pluck any hungry critters off of any of the castor beans...not even blister beetles and they seem to eat everything. The castor beans have virtually no insect damage of any kind without thanks to my interference. How was this possible?

Then I started to think about all the grasshopper corpses I kept coming across. So I got online and did some searching, and while no one seems to really agree on whether or not grasshoppers die after chewing on castor bean leaves, I think it's true for my backyard.

I plan to plant more castor beans next year and scatter them throughout my herb garden as well. Heck, I might outline my property with them!

On a different note, are grasshopper corpses good for the soil? Should I be conducting burials or just leaving them for the birds to find?

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