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Rabbits eating my peas! Questions about protecting the plants

17 years ago

It seems as if the rabbits are getting to my pea plants. My children and I counted 23 plants that had sprouted earlier this week. Now, we have about 15 left. The rabbits (I think) are going to town. There are some that have the entire thing chomped down to the ground, others that have a few leaves eaten off and a few others with just some bites taken out of the leaves.

I bought 3 foot high chicken wire today (already using 4 foot high chicken wire to guide the foxes away from a different part of my garden) and hope to get it in the ground today or tomorrow (weather depending).

I had read somewhere that you only need the chicken wire until the plants get bigger. At that stage, the rabbits don't really care to eat them anymore. Is this true? If so, I could take down the chicken wire at some point. When would that point be?

If I shouldn't take down the chicken wire, how do you suggest I get in and out of the protected parts of the garden to get to my edibles? I can't reach all the way to the back of the garden. (I'm new with this chicken wire protection stuff, if you couldn't tell!)

Will the rabbits go for my (unplanted as of yet) tomato and cucumber plants? Also, will they nibble through the spacing in the chicken wire to get to carrots that will be near the edge?

Thanks for the help.


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