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June 2010 pics of yard

12 years ago

I think its time for an update! The weather has been warm and very summer like so far. The plants have made a lot of progress since spring. I was going to try and compare the pictures from spring to now but there are already over 30 pics!

Heres my washingtion navel orange, my two chinese ground orchids (no longer in bloom), some impatients, and a large cat palm (I think I got it for around 20 dollars and its a very mature plant, I have gotten lots of blooms from it already).

Heres my plumeria divine. I got it from jungle jacks. Its a really nice plumeria and a fantastic bloomer. Mine is in its second summer and it has 3 inflos already! It was a small plant when I got it last year. A great brancher and bloomer and it will never get tall making it perfect for a large pot. Mine never even went dormant in the winter and other than losing a few leaves, the spider mites didnt bother it either. I recommend this plumeria to anyone who likes these flowers and need them to always be small enough to take inside. It has a nice scent too!

Cannas are in the back and a snanke plant in the front. To the left of the snake plant is a "pretty princess" plumeria and the huge tree in the back is a foxglove tree (I think its also called a princess tree??) The foxglove tree wasnt planted by me and I tried to kill it in the past but it never died. Now I take advantage of the large leaves to give everything a more tropical look. Every fall I cut it back to the ground to keep the plant small but the leaves large. Its been growing for about 3 months and is already at least 9 feet tall (so thats over 3 feet of growth a month). I think Im going to have to cut it back about halfway soon because it will be huge by the end of the summer!

Some more impatients and a large philodendron (from ebay 1 year ago). The philodendron loses most of its leaves when it goes out for the summer and last year the leaves were comming out whitish so I just cut them all off. It definitely doesnt look like it minded that. The larger impatients are in there 2nd hear now. They are easy indoor plants so I just took them in.

The yucca in the middle is a cutting from one of my plants last year. I really like these begoinas because they are fuller than most and the flowers get huge (some are probably about 2 inches in diameter).

Some other plants. Cat palm on the right, ti plant to the left of the chair, and a rubber tree to the left of the ti plant. Some spanish moss is on my tree but the birds took about half if it!

I like the cobination of plants under the rubber tree. The begoinas are called dragon wing and they love shade or sun and are drought tolerant but love water. They are quick growers. I put some in the ground in march as seedlings but they quickly grew to over a foot tall so I had to re plant them in there own pot. These were planted later (around may), so they arent as big and they are also in more shade.

My 6 year old queen palm is in this pic (from a small seedling). This plant went through so much neglect but it always manages to stay alive. Now it gets good care and its doing well.

I was cleaning up the trunk of the queen palm and I think I see some rings!

Heres one of my cannas which I think is Dawn pink. Its the first bloom I have gotten from it and the first canna bloom of the year.

This is my newly planted windmill palm (planted in late april/early may). Its in mostly shade but seems to really like its spot.

Heres my newly planted European fan palm (planted mid to late april). It has a new pup comming from the bottom.

This is my newly planted sabal domingensis. Its probably my most marginal palm so Im looking forward to seeing its results. I think its cold tolerant to about 20F so protection is probably necessary below 30F (thats a good part of the winter).

This is my sabal minor on its second year now. It did get protection this past winter but for some reason it did suffer some burn to the tip of its leaves. Fortunately it wasnt too severe and its a fast grower. I think its already on its second leaf of the year!

My eastern prickly pear cactus is finished flowering but my hen and chick plant keeps on going (it must have been flowering for at least a month now!). Both have been through one winter.

Heres my pindo palm. It survived the winter just fine but it refuses to grow! I hope it decides to push a leaf out soon. To the left of the palm is a group of easter lilies which were overwinted outside. One has a bud on it. They are definitely zone 7 plants at the least because it was overwintered on the deck bareroot and saw 2 occasions of 14F, lots of other cold days, and record snow falls.

In the front is a group of dragon wing begoinas and in the back is a frost proof gardenia (in bloom). It was planted in early spring and Im hoping it survives the winter! The begonias will be overwintered indoors.

I have had this hibiscus for 2 years now. I recieved it as a pretty small plant (actually 2 plants which I potted into one pot) and it has grown very well. It bloomed a little and is now taking a short break but lots more buds are on the way and it should be consistantly blooming in another week or 2.

This orange tree was grown from a grocery store seed 4 years ago. Im not sure if it will ever bloom or fruit but its a nice plant anyway. It grows in the spring and again in the fall.

These are dwarf cavendish bananas. The mother plant rotted away this past spring but the pups stayed strong and are making pups of there own. The dragon wing begoinas really took over the pot so its hard to tell how many banana plants are in there now by Im going to guess around 5.

From left to right, elephant ear, canna, bench, bougainvillea (not in bloom), bench, canna, potted pindo palm.

I think this is a robert kemp canna. A solandra maxima vine is in the background.

In this pic are my mexican petunias, my largest plumeria, and my black stem elephant ear (and lots of others that are in the background or I didnt mention. The plumeria and elephant ear are in there second summer. The elephant ear (called black stem elephant ear) had at least 10 blooms last summer and got huge. Its still small compared to how big it can get but it already has babies and a flower comming up. The plumeria gave me my first plumeria bloom and hopefully I will get another bloom from it this summer.

My tree fern is a quick grower. I think it has made somewhere around 5 frounds this year so far.

Some more plants. My pygmy palm is new and my double peach is on its second year. The hibsicus has 2 blooms today but you cant see them too well in the pic.

My coconut palm has seen better days but it is finally recovering. I got it has a newly sprouted plant in june 09. I think it has grown about 5 new fronds since. Im hoping for some mature fronds soon!

The philodendron will be taken in when winter comes but the newly planted livingstonia will be overwintered outside this year. The windmill palm (kind of hidden by the philodendron) is in its second year now.


Closer pic

More tropicals. The windmill palm on the bottom has survived the winter with very little protection. It used to be sick but is now growing green and healthy leaves. The cannas are newly planted and look like they might flower soon. The lilies are in there second year and have already put on a nice show. The banana was sold as thai black.

The mandevillea has some flower buds and the draceneas (spelling?) are all recovering after being burned when first taken outside.

Thanks for looking! Hope that it didnt take too long to get through the post!

Good luck everyone!


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