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Arborvitae help! Identify...and more

10 years ago

Hi there!

I'm a newbie and I planted two of these last year. They were missing tags at the local nursery, and the rep told me they would be about 6-8 feet tall. They were the last two, I loved the color, so I bought them. Does anyone have specifics on this? I'm just worried they need more room than where I planted them, so it would be nice to have details.

Second, I'm having some problems with one of them. It's giving some crispiness on the ends-could it be just a hard winter (we did have a cold winter this past yr)?

Third, what can I fertilize with to help it along? I'm a newbie, so I just have to ask-is the beautiful yellow green branches a bad sign? That's how I bought them last year and I loved the colors...but maybe the newbie that I am, I bought sick ones? They feel healthy, and are very bright.


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