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saw my first colorado potato beetle - help!

15 years ago

I had a horrible time last year with the colorado potato beetle. They didn't bother my tomatoes too much, but destroyed my potato plants. I tried every organic pesticide out there with no luck. I also tried picking them off and killing them separately, both the adults and the larvae, but there were just too many (within a week or two, there seemed to be more than a thousand in my garden last year.) There were a few on my tomatoes, but they were too busy ravaging the potatoes to care about moving on to another crop. I was able to pluck off the few that were on my tomatoes.

Don't know if this made a difference, but they seemed to "find" my tomatoes late last year - mid to late July. They were on opposite ends of the garden from my potatoes, so about 30 feet away with green beans planted in between the two areas.

Now I'm worried because I saw my first colorado potato beetle a few days ago and it was in the soil around my tomato plants. I killed it, but I know there's more just waiting to come out.

Is there any way to control the little pests before they ravage my tomatoes as they did my potatoes last year? My potatoes aren't even up yet, so I'm sure they'll opt for the leafy green crop that's there rather than patiently wait for the potatoes to surface.

My tomato plants thank you in advance.

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