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Help-Dappled Willow leaves turning brown!

16 years ago

My dappled willow, in tree form, has been living very happily for 3 years in my front yard--facing east. The tree leafed out as usual, but today I noticed that on one half of the tree, all the leaves have completely turned brown. The leaves are still soft, not crunchy, and when I scraped a tiny bit of bark with my nail on several different branches, there was still green underneath.

Anyone have any idea what's the problem? We've had rain, although, not alot and we haven't yet turned on our it could be that it hasn't been getting enough water (although, we're clay based here, so moisture usually isn't a problem). I just found it odd that only one half of the tree is brown.

No injuries, that I can see, to the trunk and I haven't planted anything around it, so the roots have not been disturbed.

Any thoughts? Please tell me it's not dying--I love my tree!



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