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Best Palms from seed Zone 8 (fast growing tall cold hardy etc)

18 years ago

I was wanting to grow some palms from seed bacause large palms are too expensive for me to buy and I like growing from seed.

I am in South Carolina Myrtle Beach area.

I was thinking of washingtonia Robusta for starters, but I don't know what else to try and grow after that.

I was thinking of ordering seeds from they have tons of different types of seeds which makes to choice very hard.

The sample seed packets don't seem to great to me..

My main characteristics I want are

easy to germinate, Fast growing (I want to plant these for me not my children) Tall trees would be cool. Coolness factor something you don't see everyday like sable palms here. (the state tree) Don't get me wrong sables are nice they are just on every corner here. I figured with seeds I could get 30-40 palms for the price of buying one palm from a nursery. I don't need 30 palms but I could give some away if I get really good germination rates.

The washingtonia robusta sounds like it's hard to beat for fast growth and easy germination, what else fits this bill and do you recommend any other sources for seeds?

Thanks in advance..

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