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The Desert Rose seeds are through

I finally got round to planting the 10 new DR seeds late on Sun 10th, and today Fri 15th I find several have germinated. I thought I'd blown it as I forgot them and they were still in the warm water the following day. I'd convinced myself they had got far too wet and were doomed to rot, but no these trusty little guys have proved me wrong. I've been giving them a real heat boost as I dont think the propagator gets warm enough at this time of year..... they've actually been sitting on the radiator from 5pm till 11pm each day, and that's got them moving! They now look very promising, but it's early days yet! Anything could this space for an up-date. This is my last chance....yeah!

Meanwhile, the survivor of my last DR sowing, the one that was rotting and soft that I thought was definately on it's way out, has taken a turn for the....better! I think I may have erred on the side of keeping it too dry to try and stave off the rot. Now after the initial period of dryness followed by several careful waterings, the caudex has gone strong and firm again and I think it will survive.


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