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Plumeria drooping, not enough water or too much?

9 years ago

Hi, I'm very new to gardening.
Our Plumeria has been repotted last Saturday from a smaller plastic pot to a bugger terracotta one.

As the roots were very fragile, the rootball that got transferred was quite small 6-7 in. / 20cm diameter.

In the last few days it has been the most windy since in the past 3 years and therefore the temperature and humidity are unusually low, but we're still at the equator, so the difference in not much, but it might not be used to it.

I watered as usual every other day.

Now it's drooping and the branches are shrinking slightly and are softening(not extremely though)

My theory is that the factors:
-less possibility of getting water, having lost roots
-terracotta pot retain less water
-strong unusual wind
might have dried it, so shall I try to water more, especially around the center?

But everybody says the biggest problem is overwatering and root rotting, so I'm worried that it could be the opposite.

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance, cross fingers, bye


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