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Shoontok 2011 Pepper grow

13 years ago

Howdy All

Im gonna use this forum to document my 2011 pepper grow season. Hope you all enjoy.

So far im planning on growing 12 different types of peppers, but this number may increase as spring/summer approach. So far the list is....


Hot Cherry

Aji Yellow

Thai Chili





Carribean Red


Hungarian Wax


I havent yet started any mass germinating of seeds yet as its still a bit early and im also not set up properly yet to germinate multiple hundreds of seeds. But i did get a start using old egg cartons, and old reptile basking stone for a heat source and my 90 gallon aquarium and flourescent lighting to get going.

So far i tried germinating one of each pepper in an egg carton using some leftover potting soil as the medium and only have one seedling to show after 8 days. I since purchased a seed starting mix and am now starting a second egg carton with one of each seed as of last night on the reptile basking stone set at around 80 degrees and being monitored by my girlfriends digital kitchen thermometer ;) shhhhhhhh. lol

Here is a pic of my makeshift setup so far.

I just had to show off my aquarium too ;)

And here is the first seedling of the new season. A Thai Chile.

I plan on updating this thread from time to time with new updates and pics.

Feel free to comment, ask questions, make suggestions on any of this thread.



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