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tiny white bugs under top soil, good, bad? video in here of bugs

9 years ago

So I was in the process of moving my raised beds along with hauling all of the soil to the other side of the house. While uprooting two mini kumquat trees i noticed that the entire right side of my raised bed along where these two kumquats were planted had these little tiny white bugs just under the top layer of soil. The layer that they were at i noticed also had this white fungus looking stuff. Now i know fungus gnats and their larvae and these definitly wernt fungus gnats. they were like tiny white bugs, hundreds if not thousands of them as soon as i shovled i noticed something moving and there they were. though the two mini kumquat trees were healthy and actually growing bigger? hmm kumquats had a lot of roots though so I dont know. i have a video below. do you think they are eating the roots? also remarkebly on the left side of the bed i had garlic planted and on the entire left side there was none of this fungus nor any of the white bugs. well one things is for sure they dont like garlic lol.
thanks for reading.

also note- that you can best see the bugs towards the end of the video and is best to watch it in the HD 1080p mode to see them better.

here is my video.

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