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New to Indoor Palms (have a Pygmy Date Palm)

14 years ago

My first excursion to a big box store after my wife telling me that she would like to have a palm tree in our apartment didn't turn out to well. I was told to go with a majestic palm and it will do well indoors and will only get about 8 foot. After some research I found out that they are very hard to keep indoors and will attain a size over 20 foot or more. Also, this majestic palm has a millipede infestation.

So back to Lowes it goes last night. I get my refund and after doing some more research we had picked out a Pygmy Date Tree. Read that they do well indoors, don't get too large/slow grower and it's pretty much what my wife wants. An indoor palm that looks like an outdoor palm.

Get to Home Depot and they have a huge selection of the dwarf pygmy palm in a couple sizes. The first ones we look at have about 7-8 trees all bunched up in I guess a 8 inch pot or so. That's a guess as they were so bunched it was hard to really see them all. So I get some help and the lady seems very knowledgeable. She brings me back to where most of their palms are kept outside in direct sunlight. These pygmy palms are nearly as bunched, at most only 4 total in a pot. So I ask her to pick me out a decent looking one, as most of what I'm seeing have some brown ends, or the leaves of the fronds look as though they are turning reddish-brown. She picks me out what looks to be the best out of the bunch (less of what I just mentioned) and told me that it really just needs some fertilizer.

I buy it, a 12 inch pot, all purpose potting soil and palm fertilizer. I haven't repotted it yet as I will do that tomorrow. It has some thicker looking roots at the top of teh soil, whiteish in color, so I figure it needs to be repotted.

Now to my questions... the pot that I have has 4 trees in it. Can I seperate them into single trees or should I just leave them as is?

Was the lady correct about the coloration of the leaves? If not, what can I do?

Any other hints you can give me on this palm?

I'm from the north and I never kept a palm tree before. So this really is all new to me with palm trees. Since we live in an apartment, we're not able to plant one outside in a yard to enjoy, so this was my alternative.

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