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constant failure with seed germination

18 years ago

I don't get it.

I've been trying to germinate some pepper seeds since early January, and still hardly any luck. I only have one seedling so far. First I tried germinating them in flats, along with some tomatoes and eggplants, and just the tomatoes, eggplants and that one tobasco seedling came up.

I posted something about it here, and was told peppers need more heat than tomatoes, so I then decided to try heat. I put some more seeds on damp paper towels in ziplock bags and put them on a heating pad. Still nothing. Then I tried filling some cups with wet vermiculite, sticking seeds in there, covering with plastic wrap, and keeping them warm. I've had luck with that method of starting nightshades before (when they sprout out of the vermiculite, you just lift them out and stick them in pots), but still these pepper seeds are doing nothing but sit there, or worse, sit there and rot.

I'm afraid my pepper seeds might be dead. Then again, they've been kept in the same conditions as my other seeds, and those are germinating. Maybe peppers are different.

I'm running out of time to start plants. Mid-March is nightshade planting time here. Do any of you guys know any other tricks to get stubborn seeds to germinate, or am I going to have to rely on the garden center for plants this year?

I'd be pretty heartbroken if my seeds are all dead. I have a couple dozen varieties of peppers, some of which are really cool ones I got from John I still haven't been able to try yet, and I'd hate to have to completely start over with my pepper collection. Gosh, I should have kept them in the freezer.

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