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volunteer tree peony seedling

16 years ago

I was weeding under my tree peony yesterday and kept looking at this weird weed not wanting to pull it until I knew what it was...then I realized that it is a seedling from the peony!

I've never tried to hybridize peony before. How do I take care of the seedling? I've always heard that tree peony are hard to propagate and that's why they are grafted. Will it do well on it's own root? I know with my roses that own root usually grow stronger.

Is it likely to be true to it's parent? I only have 2 of the same variety (It's Kamada, deep purple, I think 'nishiki'-- my $1.99 end of season finds at a local grocery store 10 yrs ago) and 1 'flying circus' herbaceous peony. Can tree peony even cross with the herbaceous variety?

I like happy accidents but am new to this and curious if it's worth the effort or if it might become a fun new part of my gardening hobby.

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