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new thread!!! - holiday seed swap

10 years ago

Have completed fulfilling orders for everyone!!! :)

Stuff will be mailed out next week. :)

Couple items:
1. The red seed packets you rec'd are Trinidad Scorpion seeds from me. I did not have time to write out 200 packets a/ proctor the swap.
2. Understand that I did my best to fill requests based on availability of seeds sent in. As result you did NOT get everything you wanted; however, I substituted where I could.
3. In addition to requested items, everyone got a handful of diff. seed types to try. ENJOY

Thank you everyone for sending in seeds to swap with your fellow pepper lovers. Esp. those "super members" that mailed in packets a/ requested nothing in return. As result of your generosity a lot of our "newbies" will get seeds and grow (addicted).

I hope everyone is satisfied with the peppers rec'd. I def. learned a lot about the 1000's of pepper types we have based on what was sent in a/or requested. Hopefully one day we can have seeds for all the ~3k types there are.

Thanks everyone

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