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Thanks for the Tomato Problem link

11 years ago

Dawn, thanks for posting that link when Sonya asked about "crispy leaves." I knew exactly what she was talking about when I read her post. It seems like I have that every year but have never known what it was.

I found the picture of Powdery Mildew & that's it. It was actually a little bit of a relief because I was afraid it was a nematode problem but I am off to Lowes Monday to look for a "labelled fungicide" in hopes that I can salvage something.

My grape tomatoes have tons of babies and blossoms on them but everything else is looking pretty sparce. I may have to slice up 20 or so of those little suckers to put onto my BLT sandwiches if the other plants don't produce because that is the main reason I try to grow tomatoes.


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