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Pigeons perfect for permaculture!

11 years ago

The history of the pigeon is surely a fascinating one, and unknown to most people. Up to the present day, when the chicken has become the most numerous and most often eaten domestic species, pigeons were easily the most important domesticated animal, being raised by the millions in ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Middle East, and Europe.

All the negative connotations surrounding feral city pigeons (that we introduced) have concealed their importance, making it a shame that pigeons are not incorporated more into agriculture systems. Consider the following traits of pigeons as perfect for permaculture:

-- Pigeons are hardy, tough birds

-- Pigeons survive on much less food than chickens

-- Pigeons raise young throughout the year, regardless of light levels and temperatures

-- Pigeon young are still esteemed table delicacies, fetching many times more than what you would get for chicken

-- Pigeon eggs are also edible, being substantially larger than quail eggs

-- Pigeon manure is arguably the richest possible, and can be used fresh in the garden due to it's unique chemical composition (it won't burn like other high nitrogen manures can)

-- Pigeons are quiet: what sounds they do make are pleasing to the neighbors

-- Pigeons are beautiful and varied: they are almost matched in variety of breeds only by the dog.

So maybe it's time to start bringing back the pigeon to farmyards, gardens, and homes, as it has so much to offer...

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