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Help planning my permaculture garden

16 years ago

Hi all,

I want to do convert my yard into a permaculture garden (for lack of better terms)

Parts are already *traditional* gardens (bulb and perennials, and a traditional vegetable row garden. The existing gardens take up about 1/6 the space I want to use this year, using permaculture techniques.

I plan to grow a significant variety of herbs in herb spirals, several fruiting plants...strawberries, grapes, elderberries, raspberries, and perhaps a few fruit trees. In addition, I want to use companion planting techniques in growing a much broader selection of vegetables, as well as a number of wildflowers and native types of flowers.

I'm thinking spirals for the herbs...perhaps 3? and 2 spirals for strawberries, with 2 in each spiral.

I was also thinking planting corn, squash, cucumbers, beans and peas using a 3 Sisters circle technique, with 20 or so circles.

Unfortunately, there is only snow to be seen for the most part, but here is my back yard, and the main area I'd like to convert to permaculture.

Here is a link that might be useful: back yard photos

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