Palm Survival Report Winter 09-10 7a Staten Island

11 years ago

Everything did well and our lowest temp was 14 making this a very cold 8b winter


pindo's june 09

pindos march 10

i think the damage was caused more by the lights which reached 100 degrees than the cold which only got to 14.9 on one day the lights were off

t. takil june 09

t. takil march 10

needle june 09

needle fall 09


march 10

looks bad it got beat up by wind and snow weight

unprotected pindo seedling

can anyone id why it is yellow (was like that in summer)


local unprotected windmill sprayed with wiltproof in the ground since 2002

y. rostrota in snow

unprotected windmill not sprayed with anything first year in the ground

small monkey puzzle

big pindo still wrapped but gives you a good idea of how big it actually is

spike plants covered by 5 gallon water jugs

big monkey puzzle

yucca glorisa/ recurfolia very big the fence is about 4.5 feet

tree cholla unprotected and small windill wrapped up

MORE pictures to come

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