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Urine as Fertilizer - Many applications.

12 years ago

I may have posted in the wrong forum before and this might be the better place. I'm sorry.

I am looking into using this more and would love for those who use urine as fertilizer to join in. Please, if you have nothing good to say about it, don't bother posting, I just want to talk with those who are familiar or interested in it to participate.

We are already adding it straight, to the compost pile.

We have begun applying it to the empty garden beds this winter. The garden beds are thickly covered in straw, and we are applying it gradually over the beds so that the straw will break down a bit to be ready for spring planting.

I have used it in a 1/10 ratio for potted plants to green them up.

Specifically I am wondering right now about how to use it for blueberries.

I have alkaline soil and need to amend it well to plant them. I wonder if I can make my clay soil, 6.5 PH, hospitable to blueberry bushes by mixing sawdust, which is free for our taking down the road, into the soil, using additional sawdust as thick mulch on top, and applying urine to keep the nitrogen levels good.

But I'm finding no information yet on how to do that exactly.

I would appreciate any discussion on the subject of urine as fertilizer.


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