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Ok To Re-pot My Young Peonies?

9 years ago

I started growing peonies from tubers (I hope I'm using that term correctly...they looked like tube-like roots) in a package from Home Depot last spring (2013), planting them in pots that are 11 1/2 inches in diameter at the top and 11 inches deep. But since I knew nothing about peonies and how temperamental they are about transplanting when I planted them, I only put about 9 inches of dirt in the pots, leaving 3 inches of real estate unused. They weathered our awful winter very well and popped right back up this spring, and they're becoming lush, young plants...but I'm worried that the lack of space might prevent them from growing more and blooming. My question is - should I lift them out of the current pots to put more soil beneath and replace them, or totally re-pot them, now...or would that just upset them? Is there a better time of year to do that? Any other advice I might need? Lastly, when should I expect blooms? A couple more years? Thanks so much!

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