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Where's the best place to order Fuji Apple Tree?

14 years ago

Well, folks, in spite of my best efforts, my two apple trees are still teetering in the wind. They're loaded with little apples so I'm afraid by the time the apples get any size, if we have much wind, I will wake up to a tree on the ground.

One is a yellow delicious and the other is a red delicious, and I've been pleased with the big round crisp sweet apples they make. The yellow is better tasting than the red, IMO. They freeze well and I haven't been disappointed with them no matter how I use them. They are planted in the back yard and just outside the back fence is a row of cedar trees, yet they have not developed any problems because of this.

Our neighbors told us there used to be a cement in-ground pool in our back yard, and that the owners previous to us filled it in because it had gotten in such poor condition it was cheaper to do that than to repair it. We don't know exactly where the pool was but we're starting to think the apple trees are planted over something that got left over from the pool and maybe they can't get their roots any further down. True, the soil is black gumbo clay and we have had a lot of rain every spring for the last three years, but the peach and plum trees have had no trouble sending down sturdy roots dealing with almost exactly the same conditions as the apple trees have.

So I thought I'd order a couple of trees to replace them, and plant them in my front yard. Like some others here on this forum, I'm starting to see the value of eradicating ALL the Bermuda from both the front and back yard. Putting fruit trees in the front yard will give me more gardening space in the back, and while I may have trouble with people stealing from the fruit trees if they're in the front yard, at least it'll be harder for them to do that than it is to rob a garden of produce, as well as the plants themselves! I already have a quince tree coming up in the front (not the ornamental bush -- the tree that gets 25' or so tall. A lady from Tennessee sent me the seed.)

So where's the best place to order fruit trees? And I'm thinking about, since I'm going to have to order them, anyway, as all the fruit trees are gone from the local places, I might as well spring for Fuji. I love Fuji apples. Do you know if Fuji will be as resistant to the cedar problems as the Delicious have been? At least in the front yard, there would be the house between them and all the cedar trees. I don't think any of my adjacent neighbors have cedar in their front yards. So is this enough?

I've been kind of puzzled about my present trees because the Delicious apples from the grocery store have those little pointy places on the blossom end, and a heart-shape. My apples are round, kind of like a McIntosh or a Northern Spy, and some about as big as a croquet ball. I really prefer them to the Delicious apples from the grocery store. I would have thought they had been mis-labeled except that I bought a yellow Delicious many years ago where we lived before, and the apples from it were big and round as well. So if I decided to stay with the Delicious apple, and I ordered it rather than buying it locally, would I be apt to get an apple that looks like the apples from my trees, or like the apples from the grocery store?

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