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Anyone have experience with sugar snap peas in OK?

11 years ago

Being a novice gardener, I've only tried Peppers, Tomatoes, squash, watermelon, and a few other common things. My 5 year old son eats sugar snap peas by the bag-full, and they are not cheap! I want to grow some in the fall. I understand they are a cool season crop. I don't think I can find any starter plants, so I'd have to start from seed. A few questions:

1. am I too late to start snap peas from seed?

2. When is a good time to transplant snap peas outside? Would it be a good idea to provide them with shade until it cools off? How soon is too soon?

3. any specific predators I need to prepare for?

4. Any specific soil preparations? I understand they are nitrogen hungry.

5. Are there any "bush" varieties, or do they all vine? Are they suitable for growing in large pots?

I'd appreciate any input you lovely folks can offer. :)

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