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Transplanting Passion Flower Vines

10 years ago

Okay so I have read some other postings on this subject but my situation is a little different. I live in southwest Michigan, we have had our passion flowers for 10 yrs or so.... They climb on a trelis on the side of our house, and multiply every year. My aunt and mother in law love these flowers, so we try just about every year to transplant them into their gardens. Both women are very experienced in gardening and my aunt has a degree in horticulture. Neither one have luck with these delicate plants. I am aware that the are native to southern states and are considered more of a ditch weed. In Michigan these plants are super rare and to have so many vines in our yard everybody I know thinks they are very cool. Any advice on the best way to transplant would be appreciated, again I live in Michigan so keep that in mind. THANKS!

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