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Is it too late to transplant plant rooted strawberry runners in P

14 years ago

Also is it too late to transplant strawberry plants that are more established that already grew from runners?

My strawberries got so many runners that I could not possibly keep up trying to cut them off & I gave up.

Now I learned that they should be mowed, or cut to 1" tall in my raised bed.

As I am doing this, I end up with many rooted runners.

Am I wasting my time to plant these rooted runners in another bed since the first frost could be at any time?

Do you have any advise about how long the roots need to be, for them to survive now?

My plants that are growing are closer than 4".

Should I transplant them now so I can get strawberries next spring, or should I wait until spring to transplant them and then pick the blossoms next spring?

Thanks for any advise you can give on handling strawberries that had tons of leaves and runners, but not that many blossoms. (This may be because the beds were made last fall with 1/3 mushroom compost.)

Karen in South Central PA - zone 5

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