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Late winter 2011 update...

12 years ago

The duration of cold this winter has been very long, but the palms are looking good so far! I dont have pics of all yet, but when I uncover them all tomorrow, Ill post some more pics. Some of these pics are from last week and the snow has melted more since then. Still plenty of snow left to melt though!

Mediterranean Fan palm as of last week. It was protected with only Christmas Lights and a plastic garbage bin.

This windmill palm only had a plastic garbage bin over it for protection from rain, snow, and wind. The spear still looks good! Pic was taken last week

Sabal minor also looking good. It had Christmas lights, a frost cloth, and a plastic garbage bin for protection. It had the same protection last winter (which was a warmer winter than this one) and suffered damage (surprisingly). But it still looks green this year.

Here are some other plants....

It turns out that frost proof gardenias really are cold hardy (and hardy plants in general!). It survived the winter with some christmas lights and a frost cloth (no protection from moisture). It was a little crushed from the string of lights and the heavy snow, but nothing too serious.

My butia had Christmas lights, a frost cloth, and a plastic garbage bin for protection. Other than a little burn on a frond or 2 from the lights, it made it through pretty well. When I opened the protection I smelled mint because it turned out that my mint plant decided to sprout inside the protection! I guess spring started early in their!

This is my first plumeria to fully develop an inflo. indoors and make a nice amount of blooms. All it gets is a nice sunny window and water once a week. The blooms really remind me of summer!

One of my nun orchids is in full bloom. The other hasnt bloomed yet but hopefully it will in the spring! I think its my favorite orchid (and it really is very easy to grow!)

Bromeliad bloom

Ill post pics of my other outdoor subtropicals: my 2 windmill palms, my livistonia, my sabal domingensis, and my oleander.

Thanks for looking!


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