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11 years ago

Inexplicably, the Early Girl plants have died... There is still fruit hanging from them.

The I picked a few red tomatoes from the bottom of my tallest Roma plant. They are about half the size of a roma, but red, does this mean my plant needs something? This particular plant is almost 5ft tall and has a TON of fruit on it. The other plants are still "on their way".

We harvested wax beans this afternoon. That will be a lovely treat with dinner.

All in all, it looks good this year. We even have a few peanut plants growing.

My grandfather lives across town and has an acre but has not seen any bees. I have had tons. That is funny to me as I am deathly allergic to bee stings and he did a beekeeping project in high school in the late 30's. I think he should do it again just to show my kids... :)

I still see a lot of flowers on the squash and cucumbers, but no action yet there...My onions still have not peeked above the soil, but are growing taller. I have already harvested a few banana peppers and bell peppers.

I am already mapping out where I want my garden to expand to next year.

Yay for 2012 season so far!


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