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Anyone grow Sweet Autumn Clematis/Virgin's Bower?

14 years ago

A neighbor up the alley has some growing on a fence, and my cousin has it growing on her pergola. I know it's profuse. I am pondering growing it along the chain link fence between my next door neighbor's and my yard. She has a vegetable garden on her side. I had to take out the rose bush I had growing there because the type had tons of suckers that were highly invasive to both her and my yard. How difficult is the clematis to keep contained? It's overtaking the neighbors fence, but that fence just backs up to an alley, not another person's yard. I could keep it cut back if the growth was profuse, but if it has root suckers that would be a problem. Also would it get too heavy for a chainlink? I like the idea of it HIDING the chainlink, but not ruining it. I could grow the showier clematis, but I don't have much luck with them, and they don't smell heavanly like the wild clematis.

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