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Strawberry runners are rooting!

10 years ago

So...with more hope than good sense, I transplanted a couple of them into another bed. An interesting experiment, challenging time, hot weather and ol' Ma Nature to see if they'll grow or die off.

We planted approx. 40 crowns this spring. Most of them survived. We even had some strawberries. Tasty.

In one bed, the plants are sending runners all over the place. In aother, most of the plants are sending out runners, but not all...not yet, anyway. In the last bed, the plants seem to be putting down some deep roots and making sure that they are well established. No strawberries or runners, yet. They are otherwise healthy plants.

This fall, we'll transplant most of the rest of the runners into the other two tree beds. If there are enough of the rooted runners, we'll use the extras as border plants along the path in front of the house, in the rose and lavender bed.

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