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Blech. Slugs and snails like my garden.

17 years ago


I saw the biggest slug I'd ever seen in the United States crawling across the front wall of my office at work this week, and just a couple of days later, I saw evidence of slugs and maybe snails in my herb garden.

This morning, I was doing my coffee/garden inspection routine and I found a slug curled up inside a basil leaf. There were intricate patterns carved out of the individual leaves.

On the leaves of my dill and tomato plants, there were minuscule, black shiny dots. I can't be sure, but I think they were baby snails.

I know all the standard ways to kill gastropods -- sprinkle them with salt, dunk them in beer, etc. But is there a way to keep them out of my garden?

Does anyone know an effective, organic way to repel or kill these slimy critters? I don't have a problem with slugs, really, but I like my herbs better.

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