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Cascadia Suger Snap Pea

12 years ago

This is the pea I planted, and I LOVE IT!!!!! I picked my first this morning and it was wonderful. No strings on this pea, and I just found out by researching it, that it can be eaten as a flat pod early, later when the peas have "rounded" up inside; and as a shelled pea - like it would get that far!

This a shorter version of the Sugar Snap, maximum height is about 2-3'. I found out I should have planted more, and grown them closer together because they tend to "support" each other better.

Does anyone use an innoculant for their peas? I wondered, because from reports I read about them, they grow faster with one than without. Maybe I'll try that for the fall planting. I have a lot of seed left in the package - should I refrigerate or freeze the seeds until time to plant? What time do you plant your fall snap peas, too?

Anyway, I love this pea, has all the crunchiness and sweet flavor that I have never found in a store-bought one. Yummmmmmmmmm!

I know they're about to go probably, altho they are looking nice still. What kind of heat stress characteristics do they show when they are declining? Brown foliage, etc.?

Thanks, everyone! Even if I get that one pea, it was tasty enuff that I will plant them again....and again...and again.


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