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Adding Earthworms to the lawn?

14 years ago

this is the first year i've gone organic

I've got goldens, 3 years ago i had a dog diagnosed with epilepsy & to be honest, a massive seizure was triggered after i fertilized the lawn.

Eventually the dog had to be put down as the seizures couldn't be controlled. I quit doing anything with the yard. I swore off chemicals. They did not cause the condition, but they did trigger an event.

The yard is a mess. We had our 17 year cicada invasion last summer resulting in a bumper crop of moles this summer....the yard was torn apart, first by the moles, then by my dogs eating the moles, well, mostly eating, they always brought me a part or two...

In the spring i top dressed with compost, once a month or so i spread rabbit pellets (food) and/or dry molasses (we had rain all summer so the lawn didn't go dormant.)

I just over seeded and added a thin layer of leaf compost.

Can I add earthworms to hopefully get an added bang for the fall or should I just let the native guys take over? If so, are the ones @ the bait shop suitable?

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