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Top Dressing Compost Vs Compost Tea

12 years ago

A little background: my wife and I bought a house in July. We live in Dallas which mostly clay soils. The yard is very established St Augustine except in the back which is a mix of bermuda and St Augustine. I have been reading Teaming With Microbes. I have just gotten started started on an organic program. I applied 50lbs of SBM and sprayed Midtholian Lou's recipe of fish and seaweed extract, cider vinegar, and molasses to the yard in early August. I am going to apply CGM this weekend and next.

I need to add compost. Is it better to use aerated compost tea or top dress a layer of compost. I would like to use a tea initially since 3 or 4 yards is a lot of compost to deal with. I am not sure the history of the yard care in the past. There is weed and feed in the garage, but I am not sure if it was left by the previous owners or the 2 generation of previous owners.

I have been mowing with a reel mover set as high as it will go. Our grass is definitely looking better than our

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