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wild night last night if you watched TV

11 years ago

I got 2.4 inches of rain and have turned the gauge back over because now it will get cold. The dogs and I were in the basement at 2:00 because the TV weather guy saw rotation and a bow front. This morning only one report I've heard of damage - near Grove, OK. Maybe I will hear of more later.

Beau (black dog) was worried early but settled down. I had no bad lightning only some rumbling and I could hear the wind. I am glad we have the weatherman to look out for us, but it was really just a heavy rain here and no damage. I should be thankful. Beau turned out to be a better predictor of the actual weather that hit here.

My tomatoes are too big. I want you all to remind me next Feb. not to plant until at least the middle of March. I have several blooming and one with a little tomato and it is too cold to plant them outside. My hall is full of tomatoes that I had outside under a clear tarp zip tied to a dog kennel. Now I am trying to fit them back under the lights and they don't fit.

I have planted some under wall of water type things, but my big plants are too big for the wall of water device.

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