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Newbie Organic Lawn Care

9 years ago

I'm sorry for the dumb questions, but I have been reading this forum for quite a bit. I have centipede grass at my house in Louisiana. Certain areas are struggling quite a bit, with weeds and compaction issues. I've tried a few different products but I would like to try the organic route to see if this would help my lawn become healthier in the long-run. Basically, my question is where do I start? I see adding compost to my lawn is the first step but what product should I use, when can I start, how do I apply it, etc? In regards to compaction, I was thinking about trying shampoo & molasses in the near future. Do you recommend trying this? Also, since I do have some weeds that are present (mostly Poa) what should I use to get rid of these? Is there a certain schedule I should follow since it is still pretty hot down here and we are coming into a fall season? My first step is to probably get a soil test. I really appreciate any help on this as I am looking to take the steps to get a nice, health lawn (although it is centipede)!

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