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12/22: Amazing Mahoney's Deal on Xmas Cactus , and Post Xmas Sale

13 years ago

I have never seen such a deal before; yesterday at Winchester Mahoney's I got HUMONGOUS xmas cactus(10" diameter pots) for $13 each!!!and they are covered w/ flowers. They also have lots of different patterned pointsettias (2 of their "2 for $10" pots visually look to equal one of their $26 pots, so your $10 is well spent.)

In addition (and no, I do not have stock in Mahoney's), their 12/26-12/31 Winchester sale can be a source of some amazing buys.(50% off their xmas stuff but 33-75% off most all their other stuff!!!!!!) can't tell you what they'll have this yr., but I can tell you that i'll be there 12/26.

their other stores' sale is shorter- check the link included below.



Here is a link that might be useful: mahoney's post xmas sale site

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