Show us your landscape - a photo thread - January 2014

7 years ago

This is a place to post photos, and to discuss, what is in your garden. This is the thread for January 2014. Happy New Year! All garden photos are welcome. As we are in the depths of winter, our emphasis will be on leaves, berries, branches, etc. All landscape and garden photos are welcome. How about some wonderful photos of your yards full of holiday lights? Either elegant or tacky! If it is a photo taken in your garden or your yard, it is fair game to post it here.

Here is the link for the January 2013 thread.

For all other 2013 threads, please go to the December 2013 thread. There are links to all other threads there.

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FWIW if we have 50 posts in this thread by 15 January, I will make a January Part II thread.

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